Schuylkill County's VISION

1464B Rt. 61 S
Pottsville, PA 17901
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Tuesday,May 24, 2016


Did you know...

  • Formed from Manheim Township in 1845, the earliest settlers were Germans.
    • North Manheim Township
  • The township, south of Pottsville and bordering Schuylkill Haven, Cressona and Orwigsburg boroughs, has a strong agricultural history but has seen considerable development along Route 61 in recent years as well.
  • The Gordon Nagle Trail, stretching from Pottsville’s west end to Cressona, also lies within the township.
  • Population: 3,287
  • Founded: 1845


Three-person board of supervisors

  • Members:
    Harry W. Eckert, Chairperson
    Gary L. Brensinger, Vice-Chairperson
    Barbara G. Miller, Secretary

Municipal Information

  • Address:
    303 Manheim Road
    Pottsville, PA  17901    

  • Office Hours:
    9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday; Wednesday and Friday by appointment
  • Regular Meeting Time:
    6:30 p.m. on the 2nd Tuesday of the month

School District
Part of the Blue Mountain School District

  • District Office:
    685 Red Dale Road

    Orwigsburg, PA 17961

    (570) 366-0515

    (570) 366-0838 (fax) 

    Superintendent: Dr. Robert Urzillo
  • High School:
    1076 West Market

    Schuylkill Haven, PA  17972

    (570) 366-0511

    (570) 366-1965 (fax) 

    Principal: James Ketner
  • Middle School:
    685 Red Dale Road

    Orwigsburg, PA  17961

    (570) 366-0546

    (570) 366-2513 (fax) 

    Principal: James McGonigle
  • Blue Mountain Elementary, Cressona:
    45 Wilder Street
    Cressona, PA  17929

    (570) 385-5580

    (570) 385-7206 (fax) 

    Principal: Heath Renninger
  • Blue Mountain Elementary East:
    675 Red Dale Road
    Orwigsburg, PA  17961

    (570) 366-1065

    (570) 366-1797 (fax) 

    Principal: David Zula
  • Blue Mountain Elementary West:
    1383 Long Run Road
    P.O. Box 220
    Friedensburg, PA  17933

    (570) 739-4461

    (570) 739-4822 (fax) 

    Principal: Heath Renninger

School Board Members:
Carl Yeich, President
Edward Cope, Vice President
Marci Kramer, Secretary
James Gillespie, Treasurer
Heather Gosch
Edward Guistwitz, Jr.
Mary Jo Moss
Dr. Gerald Ravitz
Thomas Wehr

Board Meeting Date/Time:
8 p.m. on the 4th Thursday of the month, except otherwise published in the school calendar